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Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation is a cost effective way of reducing the amount of heat lost through the walls of your home and reducing your Carbon Footprint.
By installing Cavity Wall Insulation you can reduce up to 35% of the heat loss from your home, which will dramatically reduce heating costs.

In the majority of homes, the ‘outer wall’ actually consists of two separate walls with an air-filled space between them. Air is a poor conductor, and this helps keep houses warm by preventing heat from travelling across from one wall to the other.

However, by replacing this air with a specially-developed insulating material the amount of lost heat can be reduced by up to 35%, which can dramatically reduce heating costs.

Cavity Wall Insulation is a quick, easy and clean process, all our installations are backed by a 25 year guarantee that is provided independently by CIGA. The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

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